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Radikal Kuss/UHF/La Resistencia/Dark Vektor/Abraxas/Ecdisis Series Vol. 4

by François Zappa

Radikal Kuss

Barro is the label created by Nöle, a Spanish DJ we interviewed a few months ago, who is also the organizer of the Bizarro parties. Its fifth release is an EP by Belgian Techno Body Music duo Radikal Kuss who has also released this year Niemand Hat Das Recht Zu Gehorchen.

Our copy of Crack Their Law has spent half of its short life in Dead Violet Nights DJ bag as she has added a few of the tracks to her sets and the other half spinning in our own turntable. All the five tracks are perfect for the dance floor, from the powerful “War” to the final “The Priest, The Boy and The Holy Spirit”. Highly recommendable.


The wait for the new release of the Madrid-based Gladio Operations has been eternal but we finally have it in our hands. The fourth reference of the label is an EP by duo UHF, formed by José Castillo and David Aragón, with three original tracks and two remixes. Our preference goes to the B-side with the amazing “Morning Glory” with a sound that is acid and spacy at the same time. The remix made by French producer Jauzas The Shining is quite remarkable. Please also pay attention to “Fact or Fiction” on the A-Side, it’s another great track.

La Resistencia

This double album celebrates the 15th anniversary of Hypnotica Colectiva with 12 electro and techno tracks in a yellow vinyl edition.

We find again UHF who have contributed with one of their best tracks. The album continues with Mutant Cassette with a mysterious song that we have also enjoyed. Dark Vektor and Negocius Man, without any doubt, know electro music quite well, and both prove it with their tracks. We have been surprised by Large-Scale Aggressor with a disturbing and powerful track and Filmmaker with another irresistible banger.

For the lovers of harder sounds, we have Core who submerged us in an ocean of the most atmospheric techno and Group, the mysterious artists that appeared on our Soil Records report, who left us speechless with his really rough techno.

On the flip side of the last vinyl, we would like to highlight the track by Serbian artist Alavux and his breathtaking track of electro industrial.

Dark Vektor

Let’s continue with Hypnotica Colectiva. One of the protagonists of their last compilation, Dark Vektor has released another six-track EP this year (with three more digital ones) entitled Universos Infinitos. On the A-Side we can find the title track, for me the best one of the EP and two quite good remixes by Kaxtelian and The Lost Boys. On the flip side, there are three new tracks. The first of them, “Hasta Que El Cuerpo Aguante”, has a slight similitude with his song “Siega las Cadenas” from the EP released by Industrias Mekanicas.


The last release of Oráculo is an EP by one of the members of We Are Not Brothers, entitled Embrace Capitalism Until It Strangles You Remixed. On the A-Side we can find the original track, a powerful darkwave banger which comes with an instrumental mix and an “a capella”. On the flip side we have three interesting remixes by Nightcrawler, Univac and José Rodríguez. You can also download three more remixes. Darkness with a message that we also share.

Ecdisis Series Vol. 4

Frigio Records continues being the Spanish label that released more material. This time we have the fourth volume of the Ecdisis Serie, where German producer Mick Wills brings us two edits of forgotten Brazilian band Simbolo, pioneers of EBM in South America. On the A-side, we have “Mind” and on the flip “Synchrono”, the first one with aggressive vocals and sharp synths. “Synchrono,” instead, is a track from 95 with killer synths that in this version reaches seven minutes and a half.

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