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Pro Patria – Godless

by François Zappa

We needed a new album from Pro Patria. And we needed it a lot. It’s been quite long since an EBM album has won our hearts, so some of us, fans of the genre, had all our hopes in the new album by the Belgian musician currently living in Italy. The tracks that we had already listened to sounded promising, but it’s the full album what really leaves you breathless. Godless, the fourth long play by Pro Patria, released two years after the previous Executioner, is an album with a sound as sharp as the scalpel that we see in the cover. Thirteen tracks, with a great variety of sounds, a really elaborated production and Peter Vercauteren literally bleeding himself in each track of an album that stands out thanks to its incredible intensity. 

The album starts with a peculiar prayer that makes the incredibly fast rhythms of “Razorblade” take us by surprise. The production is overwhelming, play it loud and it will push you to the wall. It’s dark electro of great quality that reminds me of the first track of the previous Executioner. In “Tomorrow” the BPM get slower to an EBM level, and there are some really shark synths. The voice changes from threatening to deep. “War! (Till the Day We Die)” is an EBM song that will please every fan of the genre. The track that shares name with the album, “Godless,” continues the powerful vibe of the album, and has a really impressive production. “The Power is Mine” has some quiet parts where Peter sings vehemently. In “One More Time” we find an interesting contrast between the harsh voice, the combative lyrics and some playful and danceable rhythms. “Dignity Under Attack” is another powerful track with an industrial touch. “Limits to Madness” continues with the same energy and intensity. Again, we find some more classic EBM rhythms in “Ride,” the longest tracks that presents an interesting development at the end. “Landside” is another crushing track, with a beautiful synth melody. “Angel,” instead has a more rock vibe, and makes me think in bands like Rage Against The Machine. Powerful, with very fast beats is “The End,” a track that reminds me of drum ’n’ bass. And the album comes to an end with another powerful track “Fearless,” first single released at the end of 2019. It’s going to be difficult to find another record with the same intensity as this Godless by Pro Patria

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