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PREMIERE – Vlimmer: Kronzeuge

by François Zappa

Today, we bring you the premiere of the new single of Vlimmer, Alexander Donat’s unclassifiable project. “Kronzeuge” is the first single taken from the project’s second album, that will be entitled Menschnleere. According to Alexander, this new work will be “catchier, less aggressive and menacing – yet with the unmistakably claustrophobic Vlimmer vibe”. On the “B-Side”, we can find an opportune version of Depeche Mode‘s “It’s No Good”, a darker and distorted cover of the song from Ultra. The album will be released on the 4th of November, although I am sure that we will have another work from the German musician in the next months.  

It’s true that “Kronzeuge” sound less aggressive compared to the previous Nebenkörper but we should remember that Vlimmer has always been a project in constant evolution that has never repeated itself. Here we don’t have anymore the tribal drums from the first album but more danceable and less prominent rhythms. Chorus is indeed cartchier and the sound a bit less abrasive although keeping all the darkness and the unease feeling that characterize the music of the prolific musician. The song is about looking back at old actions and discovering that sometimes they seem incomprehensible. How you can find your previous self and ask him about the wondrous thing that the so easily did. Interesting lyrics for another great Vlimmer’s track. To wait until November is going to be difficult.