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Premiere: WHOLE – Beast

by François Zappa

WHOLE is the name of the duo formed by Alexander Leonard Donat and Thomas Schernikau, created in 2015 with which they demonstrate their love for synthpop. Alexander Leonard is widely known at El Garaje for his projects Vlimmer, ASSASSUN and Fir Cone Children and we saw Thomas live a few years ago at Sinner’s Day with his band Forced To Mode. As WHOLE they released their first album, BIAS in 2018 which was followed by a remix EP and now they bring us the third single from their upcoming brand new album. Hydra will be released on June 21st, by Blackjack Illuminist Records, Alexander Leonard Donat’s own label.

Thomas Schernikau, besides being part of the Depeche Mode tribute band Forced To Mode, has his project Forced Movement and his hand is noticeable in the new single. As for Leonard, he released unclassifiable albums as Vlimmer, but we also know his past adventures doing alternative rock and pop and his chameleon-like ability to create all kinds of projects like Feverdreamt or Fir Cone Children. Here we can see another of his facets.

“Beast” is the third single from the new album after “Valson” and “Ten Commandments”, another piece of the puzzle or rather, another of the heads of the hydra referred to in the name of their new work. This time, it is a dark and melancholic song, with a nice melody and chorus. In “Beast” also stands out the trotting rhythm, enigmatic pianos and fantastic saturated guitars. A very good appetizer for the album to be released on June 21st.

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