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LABEL – Unknown Pleasures Records

by François Zappa

It’s really sad to say goodbye to one of the most interesting record labels of the last years. Unknown Pleasures Records closes after seven years of Post-punk, Cold Wave, Neo Folk, Minimal Wave and EBM releases with a cover album of Death In June. The record can be downloaded for free here and there will also be a CD version for the 300 best buyers who will receive it for free with their orders from June. In this compilation, we find some of the artists of the roster of the label such as Larme Blanche, Judith Juillerat and Ono Scream covering the songs of the legendary band of Douglas Pearce.

We have talked a lot of the label lately, sometimes because they have published some works of artists we interviewed, such as Signal Aout 42 (with his project GRAND((Ø))SIGNAL), Antipole or Der Himmel Über Berlin, or because we have reviewed albums by Follow Me Not, Blind Delon, Chemical Waves or Judith Juillerat. The Franco-Spanish label has introduced us to some really interesting new artists during the latest years such as La Main, Maman Küsters, Icesun, Kill Shelter, Versari or Velvet Kills: all of them have published really interesting new albums lately and we will review them soon. We should not forget the works by classic bands like Norma Loy (and Anthon Shield on his own), Neon Electronics or the compilation of Art Kinder Industrie edited by the label during its seven-year life. And last but not least, we must remember the many projects of its boss, Pedro Robles Peña who has released with Fluxus, HIV +, A★I and Adan & Isle some of the best references of Unknown Pleasures Records. We wish him the best of luck and will give him all our support in his future adventures. 

And before finishing, we would like to remind you that the electronic label +Closer² will continue releasing records and that it’s in everybody hands to make that news like this won’t appear again in the future.

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