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Hostile Architect – Log. 3 Semtex

by Rémi

The fourth EP of Hostile Architect, Log. 3 Semtex leads us to discover an EBM universe influenced by the cyberpunk aesthetic, through its two tracks and a remix. Released on July 28, 2021, on Brutal Resonance Records, the EP is available in digital format. Hostile Architect is the new project of Mitchell Kenny, producer who is also known for his works under his other aka, Abelisk.

Log. 3 Semtex follows the line of the Australian producer’s previous works: Log. 0 Hostile Theme, Log. 1 Lowgradelife and Log. 2 Dawn Ov. The tone is particularly dark and dystopian. “Semtex” is a musical metaphor of a transhumanism pushed to the extreme, dear to the cyberpunk universe, where the human being is no longer master of his carnal envelope. Short and sober lyrics, chanted with violence by a dehumanized voice, are accompanied with powerful rhythms and synthesizers.

Purely instrumental, “Machineguncontrol” evokes the repetitive sound of firearms through a refined rhythmic writing. Originally named more soberly “Machinegun,” the song takes its name from the famous Portishead’s song. A marvelous reference that has fed the work done on “Machineguncontrol.”

Despite a remix of “Semtex” (made by Null Cell) which seems to me a bit anecdotal because it doesn’t bring much new or surprising elements to the original version, Log. 3 Semtex remains a quality EP to discover.

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