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Future Faces – Euphoria

by Rémi

After a first EP, entitled Revolt, released in 2017, Genevan band Future Faces plunges ourselves in an ocean of coldwave with hints of post-punk with their first album, Euphoria. The album was released in December 2020 on CD, vinyl and in digital. Music lovers with wide tastes, fans of bands such as Whispering Sons, Modern English or Buzz Kull, we warmly recommend to let yourself be transported to the universe of Future Faces.

“Radiant” catches you from the very first seconds. Attention is immediately gained by the ostinato of the drums that confronts a voice full of sensuality, carried by a accompaniment meticulously composed. “Enter Life”, offers a different atmosphere with some industrial nuances. The riff of the drum is coloured by some distorted sounds and a more robotic voice. The third track of the album, “Billion Years” brings a changeling musical texture that can be discerned through some sharp notes, similar to some shadows hidden behind a cloak of silk. “Halcyon” is intoxicating and intense. “Shallow” develops over a rock rhythm, but alway with a dressing of synths. The beginning of “Nation” bring us a moment of rest thanks to its musical material being more spatial, aerial and luminous, marked by a deep melancholia. “Visage” is very stimulating and reminds me of the sound of DIIV. The last song “Old Desires” plunges ourselves in a atmosphere deliciously sombre.

With Euphoria, Future Faces, renews coldwave. The album really impresses you thanks to the quality of the composition. Among the strong points of the LP, we should point out the really diverse drum work that here is more than a rhythm section, the richness of the instrumental composition and the work on the melodic parts, Euphoria has everything to be a perfect album. It’s really a pleasure to discover these artists and music in these days in which culture is battered by incompetent politicians.

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