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EPs – Elle Noir, Biomechanimal, Thrillsville, Divine Shade, Secant Prime, D.R.A.G.

by François Zappa

The year is coming to an end and we still have a lot of new releases to review, so to start 2021 without any homework, we are going to gather here six very recommendable EPs, perfect material to listen to during Christmas. 

Elle Noir: Like a Black Doll

Elle Noir has just released a magnificent five tracks extremely autobiographical EP, recorded during some months that the goth soprano spent in England. The third track of the album featured on our Video of the Week section and it’s the perfect entrance to the particular and wonderful world of the artist.

Biomechanimal: End your life

We already reviewed one of their latest EP just a few months ago, but Biomechanimal are back with another powerful banger, that comes with seven remixes. “End your Life” brings you all the energy that you can expect from the industrial band from London, and we hope that you will listen to this during your end of the year party. If I had to choose one of the remixes, I would go for Die Sektor’s. 

ThrillsvilleSay Goodbye to The Light

Another well-known artist here at the Garaje, Thrillsville is back with a new five-track EP, that starts with “The Fever”, track that was already reviewed and praised here when it was released. The rest of the EP is harder with influences from dark electro, EBM and even industrial rock. 

Divine Shade: In the Dust

French Darkwave/rock industrial band Divine Shade has released an EP in the form of a short movie, divided into 4 episodes/songs. Their fusion of darkwave and industrial rock sounds quite natural and every track has something that will surprise you. Our favorites are “Eternel”, sang in French and the marvellous closing track “Right Now”. And don’t forget to watch the videos.

Secant Prime: 3+J₀(∞) remixes

We are a bit late with this review, as the EP was released in August, but the new work of Secant Prime is really worth it. “3+J₀(∞)” with its unpronounceable name is a perfect sample of dark and disturbing electronica. Together with the original, the EP contains four remixes by Sans Fixer (Chvad SB, TOTS, Controlled Bleeding), Steven OLaf, Mean Flow, and Thomas Park (Mystified, Mister Vapor). Our favorite: the really dark ambient of Mean Flow and the unnerving remix by Thomas Park.

D.R.A.G: Isolation Sessions Vol. 1

And we are going to finish with a band from Chile: D.R.A.G. are releasing Isolation Sessions Vol. 1, the first in a series of 3 EPs recorded, as the name states, during the period of lockdown that also they had to experience. The EP comes with three fantastic electro rock tracks, one of them an update of the original that appeared in their EP from 2016. 

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