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EP – Vexillary: The Geneticist Remixes

by François Zappa

We have been wanting to write a few lines about Reza Seirafi and his electronic music project Vexillary, for a long time, and we are going to do it now that he has released this new EP with three new remixes. First, let’s say that the EP includes three remixes of “The Geneticist,” by Andy Martin, Signal Deluxe, and SPANKTHENUN. 

Vexillary first work was an EP, released in 2013, entitled Taste Masking, where in four tracks he showed his wide influences. Chemica Divina, published three years later, was centered around the track “Refuela” and continued showing a development in his music. In CrossFire, from 2017, the musician started including vocals in his tracks and added some industrial influences to the mix. The evolution continued in The Brutalist where we can find two of Vexillary’s best tracks. SurViolence, his EP from 2020 appeared twice in El Garaje, first in our Video of the Week section and second when we reviewed “The Geneticist” that today we find remixed. A perfect soundtrack for the dystopian future that we are already living. 

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