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EP – Rohn-Lederman: All The Things Left For Dead Go Unsaid

by François Zappa

When you go to a museum, you can feel overwhelmed by the large number of paintings, the meticulousness of so many detailed works and neglect some masterpieces. And that can also happen with an album, especially if it’s full of ideas and details, so a track can get overlooked and not appreciated as it should. And that’s one of the advantages of this EP released by duo Rohn-Lederman, that focus on one of their compositions, in this case “All The Things Left For Dead Go Unsaid” that, as part of the album Venus Chariot could not get enough attention. But in this EP, it has a deserved prominence thanks to these four versions/remixes that show all the virtues and possibilities of the composition. You can buy this EP on the duo’s Bandcamp.

As I have repeatedly written about both of them, I am going to add just a short biography this time: Emileigh Rohn who was previously known thanks to her project Chiasm and her collaboration with producer John Fryer, has joined forces with Jean-Marc Lederman (Ex The Weathermen, Gene Loves Jezebel, Kid Montana and thousands more) to record the album Venus Chariot. This is the third single after Up in Flames that was released with a collection of remixes made by feminine artists and Watch Out!

The first track of this EP is the original mix that was included in the album. Warren Harrison‘s remix of “All The Things Left For Dead Go Unsaid” is more solemn, naked and even sadder than the original. Emileigh Rohn makes the song a bit disturbing an add a masculine voice that was not present before. The last one, remixed by GW Child IV, gives as an idea of how would the song sound live and the result is awesome.

The new unreleased track, “The Cold Embrace” is another beautiful piano ballad with some electronic arrangements that wouldn’t have been out of place in the original album.

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