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EP – It’s For Us: Malax

by François Zappa

We continue with our run of Swedish bands: after our interview with ELM (although he is currently living in Belgium) and Red Mecca, today’s the turn of the post-punk four-piece It’s For Us, whose last EP titled Malax has just been released. The Swedish band was previously called Swing Kids but they chose to change their name in 2011. Since then, they have released two albums, Come with us in 2017 and the critically acclaimed Stay from 2019. Malax is the name of the town in Finland where, in semi isolation, the band has recorded this powerful EP that you can listen and buy here.

It’s been a long time since we heard for the last time such a full of-adrenalin collection of songs. We already knew the first track, “You Are The One” , released as first single just a couple of months ago and that we can find here together with three more songs. This first single is an incredible exhibition of energy and vitality, more effective than three very charged coffee and with a positive message, something that we really need in moments like the one we are living.

“Trouble” is the less frenetic track of the four, but keeps the general quality of the EP and gives us a rest before the abrasive guitar of “The Good Life” knocks us out. The last song of the EP, “The Flight”, with a very catchy chorus and a wonderful work of the full band is, for me, the best track of Malax. Just 40 years ago, Ian Curtis, the legendary singer of Joy Division died, and today we are a bit sad remembering this, but at the same time, we are happy because there are still bands that manage to keep post-punk alive. 

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