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Enzo Kreft – Different World

by François Zappa

Do musicians have to reflex reality in their music or should they try to transport you to different worlds? So far, Enzo Kreft had chosen the second option, but after seeing that reality was stranger than fiction, he decided to describe a different world that sadly is ours. Different World gathers diverse aspects of the strange nightmare that we called 2020, from the theories of conspiracy to the fear of this new pandemic. The album has been recorded by Enzo Kreft at his own home, with outstanding results. The prestigious label Wool-E Discs (another of our favorite discographies) has released it on CD and digital.

In Different World, we can find 12 tracks, ranging from synth pop to electro and darkwave, creating a very musically varied album. As any great work, there is an intro entitled “Day Zero” that gives us the first taste of the inspiration of Enzo in this album. Next track is one of the best of the album: “Woke up this morning,” post-apocalyptic synth pop that makes a perfect single. “Viral Paranoia” is a more electro song about the large number of conspiracy theories that are currently believed in. Next is one of the singles of the album, “Breathtaking Beast”, with a beginning that reminds me of Vangelis, and that is another of the greatest moments of the album. “Nature Isn’t Bound By Borders” has a slight air of Gary Numan’s classic material while “Zoonotic Transfer” has a playful rhythm and some robotic voices. “Pandora Box in Permafrost” is an almost instrumental track that reminds us that we are in the middle of the album. 

“Far Beyond Our Means” could have been, without any doubt, a hit in the eighties, as it’s a tremendously commercial (in the good way) song, really catchy and with a great rhythm. Instead, “Ostrich Politics” is a dark and ominous track that charges against politicians. Another dark one is “The Legacy”, as sombre as our future. We are getting close to the end when we find the first single of the album, “It’s going on and on” another powerful track of dark synth pop. And the album comes to an end with the instrumental “Anthroposcene end”, a last apocalyptic masterpiece that will delight any lover of synth music. A perfect ending for such a wonderful album.

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