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El Garaje de Frank presents: Rubén Cruz

by Violeta

Photo: Cristina del Barco

His DJs sets, full of House, Disco and Techno are always mixed with nerve, strength and humor, urging to dance from the very beginning.

At the age of 14, he began to show his passion for the club culture. He started to go to the afternoon sessions of some clubs in Madrid, where he listened to a lot of different sounds in some genuine Techno, Industrial and funk parties. Later, he started experimenting with his own sessions, influenced by different styles of electronic music, such as EBM, House and Techno. He had his first residency when he was only 16 in a club in the south of the Spanish capital named Sibemol, where he mixed Techno and Industrial Pop.

His career as DJ started to take place in clubs such as In, Hook or Voltereta After, placed in the Polígonos de Urtinsa (Alcorcón) where he used to start his sessions with an exquisite selection of House Music, to finish with the most electrifying Techno. After, he DJed during the Summer of 2001 at Rockola in Benidorm, a cult club for Disco Music lovers and also Fabrik Madrid, Sojho Málaga, Éxodos Valencia, Liquid Aranjuez, Long Play Madrid, Rivers 59 Madrid, Underground Madrid, Warhol Málaga…

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