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El Garaje de Frank presents: Raphlex

by François Zappa

Raphlex is a young DJ from Malaga with a great passion for music who has put to practice his love for electronic music. After a few years discovering labels, genres and artists he has chosen a very wide variety and never focused on the same range of BPM. In his changing sets, you can listen from IDM to techno, industrial, EBM and even break.

His record collection is growing, but not as much as his interest in developing his production skills. One day we will eventually see the result. Raphlex is a member of the Elektropedia Analog Kollective, that has created a great vibe among its members and released some interesting podcasts.

Raphlex would like to thank El Garaje de Frank for the invitation to record this podcast and also for the way they asked him… face to face.

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