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El Garaje de Frank presents: Lamari

by Violeta

We met our new resident DJ, Lamari, during the first season of Bizarro, on a Thursday at Specka. Already on that first occasion, he surprised us with his dynamic approach, his incredible selection of music and the energy he managed to transmit. Nöle, the promoter of the evening, told me Lamari had sent him some of his sessions, and that he had liked them a lot and did not hesitate one second to give him the opportunity to make his debut at the legendary venue in Madrid. Until then, he had only played at parties he organised with his friends, where he would take over the decks during marathon sessions.

That first session at Specka convinced, and he soon became one of the DJs who periodically appeared at Bizarro. While we discovered the artist, we also got to know the person. Although he started out playing guitar, after attending a few raves he became interested in electronic music. As we discovered, he is a lover of techno, but also of electro and EBM, and is one of those people you meet at all the interesting events in the capital. He has also completed a master’s degree in music production, although we are still waiting for him to let us listen to something he has composed.

Among all his sessions, we highlight when he played after the NNHMN concert and the B2B he did with our other resident DJ Dead Violets Night. We also have fond memories of him playing at Melting Pot. This is the second session he’s recorded for us and the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

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