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El Garaje de Frank presents: JL Marchal

by Violeta

JL Marchal, whose real name is Jean-Luc Maréchal, is a true lover of 80s music, mainly synthpop, but also 70s disco. EBM and Minimal Wave are also part of his influences together with blues, jazz or even rock.

In 2010, he created his web focused on 80s Synthpop called Synthpop80 (well, sometimes you don’t have to look too much for a good name!).

In 2015, he met through Facebook Frédéric from DaGeist, who made him discover the duo and he fell in love with the charms of the band but also of their universe, the Dark and Goth side.

After that, he met the two guys who make the popular EBM radio show Sampler & Sans Reproches and collaborated with them in some broadcasts like the one dedicated to Front 242). Also, Bruno Van Garsse and Galaxie Radio Belgique asked him to take care of the Saturday morning 9:00-10:00 slot… So, I LOVE 80 was born, the only radio broadcast focused entirely on extended versions and remixes of the 80s!

Thanks to the multiples meeting with alternative media from his native Belgium (nobody is perfec) but also from France and Germany, he created bonds with a large number of musicians, promoters, radio reporters, all of them really appreciating him.

Self-taught, this records spinner, as he likes to define himself (because a real DJ mixes the records) does a lot of sessions, mainly for the W-Fest, which can be found on MixCloud but also in the different podcasts of the radio.

He is in charge of both his personal FB and the one of Synthpop 80.

JL has also done some extended mixtapes of his favorite artists. And this is not the end, as JL has begun to get interested in promoting concerts and a few other things. As we can see at the end of some movies: To Be Continued…

To know a bit more about him:

Synthpop 80 | MixCloud | FB Synthpop 80


1 – DAGEIST                                           Haunted (SA42 Prison Mix)                                             X-CLUSIV

2 – DREADFOOL                                   We Should Fight (Deleritas Remix)                                NEW

3 – PARADE GROUND                          Took Advantage (Run :Remix)                                        NEW

4 – ALK-A-LINE                                     This Is Not A Fairy Tale (Implant Remix)                    RARE

5 – SCENIUS                                           Some Of Your Nights (Black Boiler Remix)                  RARE

6 – VUDUVOX                                        Génération Perdue                                                            X-CLUSIV

7 – JACKY MEURISSE PROJECT      Fascination                                                                          NEW

8 – DELERITAS                                     Comfort In My Abyss                                                         X-CLUSIV

9 – WULF 7                                             Ephemeral Human (Oldschool Mix by Zynik14)        RARE

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