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El Garaje de Frank presents: Digital Vault

by Violeta

Digital Vault has been part of the electronic scene of Barcelona for more than two decades, in which he has played sets full of industrial rhythms and with a lot of influences from Techno, Industrial noise and EBM.

His wide musical range is shown in this low-BPM session where he includes EBM, Post-punk, Synth wave and electro tracks. His sets are always full of industrial sounds and broken vocals.

Digital Vault has shared line-up with artists such as Unhuman, REKA, Headless Horseman, Codex Empire, Parallx, German Affair, Cristian Marras, Anika Kunst or NVA. As DJ he has played in clubs such as LAUT, The Garage of the Bass Valley, Macarena and M7 in Barcelona or Lanna Club in Asturias, Spain.

One year ago, he started in Barcelona a promotion project called Dominant. Musically, it’s focusing on Techno, Industrial noise, EBM and Post Punk, including any full-of-darkness style.


01 Autumns – Be Desire
02 Mitra Mitra – Perfume and Syphilis (Mitra Mitra Remix)
03 HIV+friends – HIV+ warm leatherette (LAAG Remix)
04 QUAL – Insides on The Outside
05 Randolph & Mortimer – Crystal Peaks
06 Broken English Club – Love Cuts Deeper
07 Baroque – Silver Wave
08 Implantable Technology – Glitch in Time Space
09 Rudiment – L..I.N.E.S (feat Negative Datura)
10 Anatolian Weapons – Lockdown IV
11 Sed Blava – Plastic Face
12 Kurs Valüt – Vikno
13 Ácida Ácida – Golpe
14 Boy Harsher – Electric (Kris Baha Remix)
15 B1980 – Corpse Pose
16 Dave Inox – Dave Inox feat HIV + Miss Conceptual (The Horrorist Remix)
17 Lucient – Unanswered Questions
18 Le Chocolat Noir – Sacred
19 Vinilette – No Ambition
20 RNXRX – Human Un-structures
21 Hammershoi – Hélas!
22 Baroque – Laisse feat. Philosophique Girl
23 Dame Area – No Pares de Trabajar
24 Mynationshit – Marmo
25 Alpha Sect – The Sanity
26 ZYNIK 14 – Vor und Züruck
27 Helena Markos – Mouni
28 1985 – Chopping Mall
29 Randolph & Mortimer – The Light
30 Mind/Matter – Dead People
31 Velvet May – Haunting Eyes
32 Autumns – Found It
33 Apoptygma Berzerk – Half Asleep
34 Mind/Matter – Dead People
35 Hammershoi – Je te Vois

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