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El Garaje de Frank presents: B1980

by Violeta

The respected producer and musician Bert Libeert is best known as the drummer of the award winning Belgian electro rock band GOOSE. With his live EBM project B1980, he brings the raw emotions and spontaneity of live techno music back to clubs, armed with just two synths and two drum machines. His signature sound is to combine organic recordings with the rawness of EBM-influenced techno beats. The meditative vibes and the dark baselines with low-pitched drums define what he stands for.

With his latest releases on ZONE records (Paris) and MOSAIQUE records (St Petersburg) B found a fitting home alongside artists like The Hacker, Arnaud Rebotini, Jensen Interceptor, Cardopusher, Djedjotronic, Gesaffelstein. His music contains raw and spontaneous EBM-techno from another dimension. As zone would say: “No introduction—no conclusion—just substance”

B1980 loves breaking boundaries in music. His collaborations with CHVE & Syndrome & remixes for Paper Hats, GOOSE, Phrenetic System (Bonzai) & Whispering Sons are proof of his versatility. Alongside, Bert also hosts B-NIGHTS. A series of parties held at unusual spots: from fairgrounds to swimming pools and galleries.

Present and future plans:

“Girls Who Act Like Boys” (Goose)—B1980 Remix

“The Illusion” (The Beak Engineers)—B1980 Remix

“Birds Of Pray” (Radical G feat. The Horrorist)—B1980 Remix

Soundtrack for short film “Acid” by Robin Pront featuring Matthias Schoenaerts and Veerle Baetens

A new EP ready for 2021 (maybe ZONE records) and a full album (no label yet).

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