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El Garaje de Frank presents: AntE (Ox Techne)

by Violeta

Born in Argentina, AntE (Antonio Estévez) has been living in Madrid for 20 years, where he discovered electronic music in 2016. Since then, his passion and dedication, in particular to Techno, has been a constant in his life. He is interested in most Techno sounds such as Industrial, Dark, Groove, Drone, Hard, Trance, Acid, Deep, Melodic, Detroit, Minimal and more.

Shortly after discovering electronic music and the art of mixing, he became interested in the world of vinyl. Now he has a home studio and more than 1500 vinyls of Techno, House, Minimal and Electro (among other styles) ready to offer the best music in any club. He has had the opportunity to play in different venues such as Hangar48, Sala El Sol, Specka, Studio 76, Melting Pot and Epoka Club, among others, and to participate in parties such as @oxtehcne, @noiseklub, @beatclub and @distorted_techno.

“My path in the electronic music scene has been short, but I hope it lasts for many, many years. I have now the incredible opportunity to make people dance with my musical criteria and my way of mixing, I hope I won’t waste the opportunity and get many years of good times on the dancefloor.”

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