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El Garaje de Frank presents: Waje

by Violeta

Waje is one of those DJS from the late 80s, essential to understand the evolution of electronic music in the capital of Spain, a great agitator of the most underground and avant-garde scene. From an early age, he was interested in the electronic music that he listened on the radio, which was always on at home. He discovered later that the bands were Kraftwerk, Y.M.O… From then on, the desire to have that music, those vinyl records, began.

Around 1989, he experienced for the first time using two turntables and a mixer in his sessions, which included electronic music of the seventies, technopop, Industrial, E.B.M. New Wave, New Beat, Techno, Electro, Detroit, Chicago and avant-garde music.

Waje became familiar to electronic music lovers thanks to such glorious episodes in the history of Madrid’s underground clubbing as 8Z8 and the Robotique Collective, and the projects Orbita and Moebium. It must be said that many have grown up with Waje as a teacher, sucking avidly from his unique sessions in Specka in which he played with electro mastery, techno, drones and any style born in the 80s, be it New Beat, Industrial, EBM, Cold Wave and a long etcetera.

What always surprises is his ability to change styles always keeping a personal sound, in addition to an excellent technique that allows him to endure the mixes a very long time. Despite his experience, Waje is always up to date with new styles and has always known how to incorporate new languages into his greased palette of machine rhythms. Waje or the rebellion of the machines.

He has been involved in projects and productions such as Robotique and 8Z8, providing an alternative to the club scene in Madrid and working with the best electro artists, style to which has dedicated an important part of the professional facet as DJ. He has also participated in events such as Art Futura, Static Sound System, F.I.B., Festimad, Electrogaia… One of his dearest mixes has been for  Secret Thirteen.

In addition, he has been resident DJ in disco pubs as Limite 69 and Trendy in Vallecas, clubs like Specka and Soma Experimental club. Galax, Sala Maravillas, Vektrum, Parabellum up to the most recent as Bunker Plagen or Femur and Moebium, Orbita, Trust, The Vision, Moog, Braille Satellite…

Also he is 50% of the musical project Anacronismo Industrial, focused on industrial rhythmic sound with it that have been released making a remix to Esplendor Geométrico.

Lately we could see him making an opening set for the celebration of 35 years of Esplendor Geométrico, with various participations in Música Dispersa and in the recent performance of Hiro Kone in Madrid, in addition to countless projects and events, always with a risky sound. In November, he will be Djing at the Catalan Ombra Festival.


1. Ruffhouse – Straight 9’s
2. Emptyset – Armature
3. Mecanica Popular – La edad del bronce
4. Unhuman +Petra Flurr – Angst
5. Iko 83 – Approach in Tokyo
6. Felix Kubin – Elektribalt
7. Berlin Express – The Russians are Coming
8. Ueno Masaaki – Vortex State
9. Leroy se meurt – Rush
10. The Joy of Disease – Casual Murder
11. Esplendor Geométrico – Transmetal
12. Absolute Body Control – So Obvious
13. Marc Hurtado + Alan Vega – War
14. The Invincible Spirit – Push!
15. Sleep Forever – Due Diligence
16. Le Triangle de L’Androgyne – The Androgyne Triangle
17. AFD – My Relationship
18. Shift – Obertika

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