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Edna Frau – My Ego is Bigger Than Yours

by Rémi

With the release of their first album entitled My Ego is bigger than Yours, the Italian band Edna Frau delights us with their music influenced by post-punk and indie rock. Born under the impulse of multi-instrumentalist Andrea Fioravanti (Postvorta) in 2020, Edna Frau is composed of Vincenzo Baruzzi (The Dorrmen), Riccardo Pasini (Studio 73)  and Fabio Alessandrini (Annihilator). Released on June 25, 2021 via 22 Dicembre Records, My Ego is bigger than Yours is available in digital format.

A puzzling album cover, a sound that is both massive and refined, metronomically precise drums, touches of electronics and an invested singer: Edna Frau piques the curiosity. The album begins with “Open.” This relatively sober introduction is puzzling. It abruptly cuts off the singer’s voice in the middle of the “e” from “Edna Frau,” as if it were an error when exporting the track’s sound file. Rather surprising on the first listening, this “error” creates a strong link with the next track, “Wet Plush.” This piece offers a nice introduction. Intense from the beginning to the end, it manages to increase its energy by rhythmic variations in the drumming. With “Angry Face Man,” the same instrument, as incisive as ever, creates a sense of destabilization on the beginning of the verses by changing the metric. “Day One,” exalts the senses with its melodies and stratospheric atmosphere. As the name suggests, “Break” offers a break, a moment of calm for less than two minutes before resuming an energetic pace with “Rooms.” In my opinion, “After Sex” is one of the most original songs on the album with its organic, repetitive synths overriding the guitars. Finally, with “D1a,” there is a fleeting return to calm in the colours of the voice and the guitar before “Closed,” an electronic conclusion.

Influenced by bands like Soulwax, Interpol and Editors, Edna Frau offers us a colorful album. We recommend to immerse yourself in the universe of My Ego is bigger than Yours and to keep an eye on what’s going on in Ravenna so as not to miss any of the next episodes of Edna Frau.

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