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Ductape – Labirent

by François Zappa

With the same interest that we always show for the music coming from Turkey we have approached Labirent, the new EP from Turkish act Ductape, one of the revelations of last year.  The duo comes from Istanbul and was born in 2019. One year later, they released their first three-tracks EP entitled Little Monster that was followed by the single Wooden Girl, also included here. We would like to remind you that Ductape will be playing in January as part of the line-up of the Dark Winter Liège Festival, together with Then Comes Silence and Wisborg in what will be the first big event of 2022.

Labirent is an eight-track EP, with two songs in Turkish and the rest in English. The duo plays a darkwave full of strong bass lines and angular and distorted sounds. Ductape are closer to post-punk than to the dance floor, although the energy coming from the album will, without any doubt, make you move.

The EP starts with “Bury You”, a song that has managed to surprise me thanks to captivating central part that will transport you to those dark and lonely forests that The Cure so skillfully described. The singing is powerful and personal while the music focuses on creating atmospheres instead of looking for the easy chorus. “Wooden Girl” is darkwave with post-punk energy, distorted sound and lyrics about domestic violence. “Rain” is a very direct and powerful track, with an unexpected acoustic guitar that helps creating a dark atmosphere in the song of the EP with the clearest chorus. In “Empty”, a track that was played in the Die in the Disco online festival, the guitars completely take your breath away.

“Hata” is one of the tracks sang in Turkish and another proof of Ductape‘s amazing capacity to create dark and cold songs. The album continues with another song in their native language, the intense “Tuzak”, that is followed by the short and almost punk “Mirror”, with less than a minute of duration. The EP finishes with another great track, the powerful “King” where the voice can remind us of classic post-punk singers.

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