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DOCUMENTARY – Music for Ordinary Life Machines

by François Zappa

For once, we want to recommend you a documentary: Music for Ordinary Life Machines tells us the story of the minimal synth and synthpunk scene in Greece. Starting in the ’80s, with the first new wave and punk bands that chose synths instead of guitars as their main instrument, the documentary spans various decades and portraits the evolution of these genres, as told by the musicians themselves: AΝΤΙ…, Οdos 55, Choris Perideraio, Alexandros, Alive She Died, Blakaut, Convex Model, Doric, The Exetix, Human Puppets, In Trance 95, Kalte Nacht, Kriistal Ann, Methods of Dance, Nesfindonimus, Not Only Bones, Paradox Obscur, Plexiglas, RAW, Regressverbot, RR Hearse, Selofan, Statues in MotionTango Mangalore.

The documentary, filmed, edited and directed by Nikos Chantzis, has been part of the official selection of a few Greek Festivals and if everything goes well, will be screened in Sweden, Germany and Belgium. As a true love of the music made with synths, I think it’s really interesting to discover new bands from different parts of the world and to see how electronic music is played in each country. For more information about Music for Ordinary Life Machines, you can visit the official Facebook page:

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