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Days Of Sorrow (the remixes)

by François Zappa

Ever since the prestigious Dead Wax label reissued the eighties material of Days of Sorrow, the fame of the German darkwave band has not stopped growing, especially in Spain. Whatever Happens was sold out quickly and that was one of the reasons why the band got back together. After that, they played a triumphant gig at the Ombra which was followed by great performances at DarkMad and Metroblack. Last year, Dead Wax again released on vinyl an album of new material from the band, entitled Soulmate Sister, and finally this year a remix album has been released by Toledo-based Banshees Records.

Days Of Sorrow (the remixes) is the second vinyl released by Banshees Records, Israel Padilla’s label. After several editions on cassette, they released in cooperation with Oracle the highly recommended first album by JG Outsider and now on his own this remix album in which we find a very good selection of the best producter of the current electronic music scene. We have a good representation of the best of Spanish electronica with label boss Israel Padilla with the journalist and DJ From Hell, the previously mentioned JG Outsider, EBM revelation Spammerheads, the reborn Synths Versus Me, Juanjo Obón’s project Lovethemachine (with an album released on Banshees) and another label regular and founder of Espacio Cielo, Parissior. In the international side we highlight above all the great David Caretta, key figure of the scene, Italian master Chris Shape, Alpha Sect from Greece (author of the Dark Rituals album released in Soil Records), Skelesys, one of the artists of the moment, the veteran Black Merlin and the Berlin-based producer Carlos Grabstein also known as 89st. Wow!

It is always curious to see how artists from the electronic world deal with non-electronic tracks and in Days Of Sorrow (the remixes) we can see how several producers are in charge of the same composition. We start with “Shadows”, taken from the last album of the German band and the frenetic and danceable take of Chris Shape. If you like it don’t hesitate to check out his Shaped To Deform released by Unknown Pleasures. Alpha Sect opts for some powerful beats close to electro/EBM in a punchy remix perfect for the dancefloor. Black Merlin keeps the tension of the track in a quite minimalistic remix that the use of echo/reverb gives a dubby vibe. On the other hand, Carlos Grabstein gives it a more post-punk touch, closer to the original. Synths Versus Me are in charge of “Travel”, a track that is also remixed by Spammerheads. It is one of the first compositions of the band that appeared in 1984 on the first single released by the Germans, Remembering The Days. Synths Versus Me put all the emphasis on synthesizers, something quite coherent, in a very danceable mix while Spammerheads give more importance to the guitars in an original up-tempo remix. Parissior’s remix of “A Thousand Faces” from Days of Sorrow‘s can remind you at the beginning of early New Order although it also sounds modern and with a touch of acid. Carretta, as it can’t be otherwise, makes a fantastic track for the dancefloor in which he demonstrates that he doesn’t need much to do it. Israel Padilla, label boss together with From Hell face of the only remix of “Firestarter”, another of the tracks of the new album in which From Hell is in charge of the vocals, although William Lennox’s voice is also present. It is a dark and intense remix, very much to our taste. We finish with “Wild World”, the band’s most famous track which appears first in Lovethemachine‘s version which, although personal, does not stray from the style of the original while Skelesys does a more dancefloor-oriented remix that any savvy DJ should be spinning by now.



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