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CYTO – Antimatter

by Fer (Other Voices)


After listening to Antimatter, I can somehow understand the journey experienced by Violeta with CYTO’S previous EP Dark Matter. It is known that the origin of the universe had matter and antimatter in the same proportions and, as if it were the Big Bang, “Black Light” is the starting point where the creation of this EP is shaped, perfectly combining the voice of Arc Morten with the music of Christoph Schauer. I don’t know why, but the first thing that came to mind with this track was Depeche Mode’s “Higher Love”.

“Dressed To Creep” is the perfect continuation after a slow start, with a brutal rhythm from beginning to end, with a repetitive but accurate riff mixed with Arc’s voice makes it my favourite song of this album. 

The EP slows down again with “Awake” although the performance and lyrics are possibly the most heartbreaking of all. What is clear is that this is not a flat album at all, no song seems to have the same line. “River Runs Red” in first, seems to be more of a pop and danceable song than the rest, it is a clear criticism of the world that governs us…

A clear deceleration with “Antimatter”, a rather slow track that gives the EP its title but with two sublime last minutes where the drum roll stands out above all. “Flashlights” is, without a doubt, the darkest song and of the EP, the rhythm of the song, which could well be the beat of your heart, slowly fades away reaching its end sharing the same fate as the protagonist of the lyrics. Unfortunately, trending topic these last days.

Translation: Joanne Gagnon

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