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CYTO – Dark Matter

by Violeta

Artist: CYTO 

Release: Dark Matter

Genre: New wave, electro pop

When I was young, I was passionate about the Universe. Don’t you find it fascinating that above us planets, stars and dark holes are floating and that we are only mere microscopic parasites inhabiting something that is maybe only the size of a ping pong ball compared to the infinite immensity? Of course, I was very curious about what composes the Universe, the matter, dark matter and antimatter. All these terms worthy of a sci-fi movie fascinated me. Today, I am a journalist, and I have the possibility of knowing more about dark matter. Apparently, CYTO, a band from Germany, make us travel with their EP, Dark Matter. Thus, I decide to contact Arc Morten and Christoph Schauer.

The day of our rendezvous, I was  a bit worried. I will be reduced to the size of a nanoparticle during my trip. Arc Morten warns me: “Beware of not getting lost, or you’ll finish as Ant-Man in the subatomic dimension.” He sets the beam and asks me if I am ready. I see Christoph insert the record in the player. I think “This is the end,” and I disappear in a flash.

When I opened my eyes, I found myself  in a dark place, I could hardly see anything. Suddenly, I heard some muffled synths playing an oppressing rhythm. Reminiscent of Dave Gahan, the magnificent and poignant voice of Morten, charged with emotions, rises: it’s “You”, the first tune of the EP. When the guitars resonate, it’s like an explosion: I started discovering all the beauty of Dark Matter. A cheerful electronic rhythm adds up to the melody. During the chorus, Morten reveals all the beauty of his voice, and sings with passion. I navigated from emotion to emotion, as the very varied songs of the EP go by. Beginning with an energetic electronic rhythm, “Right Now” conserves this energy from the beginning to the end, both in the instruments and the voice. I let myself be wrapped up in this, then “Coldspell”, began  to make my body freeze, with its sounds recall some hammer strikes on cold metal. Much sadder than the previous one, this tune is characterised by a change of rhythm between the chorus and the verse, creating a rupture, strengthening the distress present in the lyrics. There is a change of temperature with “Fast Down”: it’s impossible not to dance to this song which represents a drop of hope in this ocean of darkness. The EP cools down with “The Fray” and its space, relaxing and sad music, creating a strong contrast. At last, but not least, “Again” begins softly but evolves progressively and gains power. It’s the perfect conclusion to the EP.

I opened my eyes, still astonished by what I had just been living. I looked at Arc Morten, who said to me: “Did you like the experience?” As I agreed, he added: “Are you ready to do this again in November with Antimatter?” I did not  hesitate at all.

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