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by François Zappa

The Belgian post-punk band Factheory, of which we already told you about at the end of May, has started a crowdfunding through the platform Ulele to get money to record a maxi single that will include three songs, two of them in English and one in French. They have succeeded in getting the target of 1 000 euros that they need for paying a part of sound engineering but every contribution will be welcome to continue with the expenses of the recording.

In Factheory we find some members of Unsaid, another band that appeared in El Garaje during the first half of the year. The discography of Factheory consists in an EP recorded in 2018 and entitled Week​-​End au Black Studio, with six songs sang both in English and French and a second EP with four songs with the name of Stockholm recorded last year.

Everybody who participate in the crowdfunding will have a reward that vary depending on the amount contributed: from receiving the maxi in mp3 before it’s released to the maximum reward that it’s going to be the maxi, both EPs and a ticket for the premiere of the album.

Le premier maxi 45 tours vinyle de Factheory.

Le groupe Factheory, est un groupe de rock post-punk de la région bruxelloise en Belgique. Nous souhaitons produire un maxi 45 tours vinyle avec trois titres. Deux en anglais et un en français. Synthèse de ce que nous faisons de meilleurs depuis maintenant cinq ans, chacune des chansons a été composée par un membre différent du groupe, reflet de leur dynamique créatrice.

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