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Vlimmer – Erdgeruch/Space Dementia

by François Zappa

Not too long ago, German post-punk/darkwave/shoegaze project Vlimmer surprised us with his album (recorded after 18 EPs) but he is back with a new single with two tracks, one a new song and a cover of Muse. Vlimmer continues his way forward, that this time took him close to the dancefloor, not looking back and moving away, every time a bit more, from possible comparisons.

The first track starts with the dramatic voice of Alexander Leonard Donat, the musician behind Vlimmer, but the rhythm is danceable and guides you through this impressive composition. If the song blows your mind, remember that you can get you name sang in the chorus. Just buy one of the five limited Cd singles and your name will appear in your copy. There is only one left, so hurry up!!!!! 

Talking about the Muse‘s cover, am I going to say that I prefer Vlimmer‘s version? Evidently, as everybody that has talked with me about Matt Bellamy’s band knows, I am not a big fan of the band. I saw them in 2003 and even then, I really didn’t enjoy the concert. But let’s go back to the single, “Space Dementia”, sang in German, it’s as epic as the original, but the style in this case could be described as darkwave. The song won’t make you think instantly in Muse‘s composition, and I guess that’s good. My favorite part is the incredible ending where the German artist shows all his shoegaze influences. 

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