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Visonia – Claroscuro

by François Zappa

The last release of Frigio Records is an EP by Chilean project Visonia, published in collaboration with Zyrcadian Editions. Visonia is the moniker Nicolas Estany uses to create his particular and original vision of darkwave/synthwave. The producer from Chile, currently living in Warsaw, has been releasing albums since 2014. His first Long-Play was Impossible Romance, and was followed by Opal’s Sunflowers. He had the honor of recording a split with Dopplereffekt and now we can hear him again in the magnificent six-track EP that will delight listeners without prejudices. 

The record will surprise you from the very cover, but it’s the music that will make you pay extra attention to everything that happens in the record till the needle comes to the end of the EP. Nicolas presents a work full of details, samplers and sounds that won’t leave you indifferent. A-side is more pop and lighter meanwhile the flip side is darker and more industrial. Although it starts with some industrial sounds, the beginning of the first track can make you think that you are going to listen to some commercial dance music, but this idea disappears as the powerful drum kicks. The voice is sometimes joyful, sometimes suggestive in this track that makes you wish that popular electronic music was like this. “Claroscuro” oscillates between moments of darkness and flashes of light and the contrast creates a magnificent feeling of euphoria. It’s our favorite of the six. In “Don’t trust in the First Whispers” Visonia plays with the speed of the voice with surprising results while the music is hard and industrial as we like it.

Regarding the B-side, “Who Will Enter First” with its frightening voices and disturbing melodies is one of the hardest tracks of the EP. The industrial sounds are also heard in the terrifying “Aphasia”, the darkest moment of this Claroscuro. In “Melted Doubts” the potent percussion threatens with demolishing the room of your house, but the same light and hope that we already found in “Claroscuro” appear for a moment to give some rest to the damaged walls. Highly recommended.

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