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VIDEOS: Vexillary – Varsovie – Scream at the sky – The Stirrings – Siksa

by François Zappa

Today, we bring you a selection of videos, as our weekly section is not enough for the amount of material with quality that we are receiving. 

Darkwave project Vexillary already featured in our video of the week section a few months ago, but this time, with his new work he has outdone himself. Both video and track (coming from the highly recommended EP SurViolence) are just great. 

Instead, this is the first time that we write about French post-punk band Varsovie, who are bringing us the first video of their fourth album, entitled L’Ombre et la Nuit, to be released in April 2021. We will tell you more about the album in the next months.

Our collaborator Rémi really liked Scream at the sky’s industrial metal music, as he said in his review of the band’s self-titled EP. This new video is coming from that album.

To describe the music of The Stirrings, we are going to use the word of our friend Rafa from Indypendientes: “Put Spaceman 3, Suicide, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, The KVB and Mercury Rev in a blender, and you got it”. Their first album is coming on the 29th of January and this video is a good sample of what the band can offer.

And for those who need something more than a music video, we bring you the latest work from Polish post-punk/performance feminist duo Siksa, a collaboration with audiovisual artist Piotr Macha. Revenge on the Enemy (Zemsta Na Wroga in Polish) is an experimental movie based on the album with the same name that won’t leave you indifferent. Remember that subtitles can be activated from the menu of YouTube. 

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