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VIDEOS – Enzo Kreft, Red Mecca, Antipole/Kill Shelter, Paranormales, The Breath of Life, Vukovar

by François Zappa

Today we want to bring you a series of videos that have something in common: they are from our favourite artists. If you are a frequent reader of El Garaje, you should know all of them, if not, today is a good day to discover their fantastic music.

Enzo Kreft, minimal synth pioneer, is one of those artists that periodically appear in El Garaje. And he will continue appearing as far as he keeps on recording tracks of quality like this “Nature Isn’t Bound by Borders” where we can appreciate some influences from Fad Gadget. The song was published in his latest work, “Different World”. 

One of our favorite bands is Vukovar, and we can already tell you that they will be very present this year in our web. In May, the continuation The Colossalist, entitled The Great Immurement, is going to be released. Meanwhile, we can enjoy this first single. 

And another of our favorite bands is The Breath of Life who have released two interesting new videos: first their marvellous cover of Implant and second, they have a new video for one of the songs of this album from 2020.   

Our friends from Paranormales have just released a new remix from one of their songs: “Tigre” from their second album Contra. Velvet Condom has re-imagined the song in a spectacular way.

Red Mecca are going to release a new album this year, entitled Away, and after listening to these, already the third single, we must admit that it looks great. If you want to know more, the fourth single, All Those Stored Errors was released just one week ago.

And we finish this list of videos with an album that we will review shortly: the collaboration between Antipole and Kill Shelter. The video is from the album A Haunted Place, an LP that, we warn you, you should buy before it’s sold out. 

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