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Video – Chemical Waves: Kara Büyü

by François Zappa

Today we present you the premiere of Italian darkwave/coldwave project Chemical Waves’s new video. This video is taken from his last album, When We Were Full of Hope of which we talked about in El Garaje two weeks ago. The track is a collaboration with the Turkish darkwave duo Ductape. As a reminder, we interviewed them earlier this year and we also got to see their incredible live show at the last edition of Bizarro. “Kara Büyü” is undoubtedly one of the best tracks of the album. The Istanbul duo is more captivating than ever and Marco really stands out with his guitars. 

We discovered Chemical Waves with he released Even When We Fall Apart in 2020. Since then, we have been following the career of Marco Cattani, the man behind this project, as you can see in the four reviews we’ve written of his latest works. Marco released his first album under this pseudonym in 2012, The Garden of Forking Paths (it’s also the title of a Borges’ short story). After several singles, the project took a break during which Marco used the pseudonym The Mark to record several works in 2018. 

The last four albums of Chemical Waves are full of interesting collaborations. They not only give a great variety to the albums but also allow us to discover new artists. Composing such an album is not an easy thing and we warmly encourage you to listen to all of them, especially the last one, which is, in Marco’s opinion, the best. 

As for Ductape, they are without a doubt one of the revelations of last year. Their excellent Labirent album was critically acclaimed, and they managed to maintain the same level of quality in their following two works: Araf and Ruh which they also presented in Madrid.

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