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Tributo The Arch

by François Zappa

On the sixth of January, Spanish label Banshees Records gave a great gift to all fans of the Belgian band The Arch. The Toledo-based label, run by Israel Padilla, released a tribute to the popular creators of “Ribdancer” featuring ten astonishing remixes. You can buy it on cassette or download it from their bandcamp.

The tracks remixed for the occasion are, of course, the legendary “Ridbancer” and “Blood Crystals”, and the list of remixers includes the label boss himself, the electro wizard Dark Vektor, the brilliant producer from Alicante Abraxas, the Valencians Soj & Lex-Or (bosses of the always-praised Soil and Lex-Or labels), Siarem (who we know very well thanks to his EPs on HC Records) and Javi Golo with his aka JG Outsider (who has just released a highly recommendable vinyl on Banshees Records) who appears twice. Although each track has its quality, the remix by José Rodriguez, DJ and music producer, has delighted Gerd Van Geel, singer of the Belgian band. The international touch comes from the great Celldöd, who renamed his version “RibShaker”, and Meshes, a Russian DJ and producer who we recommend you listen to in depth.

The remixes vary greatly from the blunt force of Siarem‘s to the original approach of Abraxas: you will be able to dance to these two classics in ten new ways.

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