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TRACK – Sea Lungs: Piss Up a Rope

by François Zappa

Sea Lungs is a band formed by Jarrad Robertson (ex-Pigs of the Roman Empire and also part of Snakes of Neptune) together with singer Andi Lennon (Sounds of Water and Howl) and Dase Beard (Well and Worms of the Earth among many others). We could define Sea Lungs as a deathrock project with musicians from Melbourne and Sydney. “Piss Up a Rope” is their new track after the single Sea Lungs Pt.1, that we already reviewed after its release.

In this new track, Andi’s voice can remind you of late Rozz Williams, but a more down to earth one as the song is about the speculation we suffer from some billionaires without principles. I think this is the most complex composition the band has released so far, with sharp and at the same time heavy guitars, a brilliant chorus sang with a lot of passion and a killer and noisy guitar solo. 

Let’s hope that the musicians behind Sea Lungs find the time to continue releasing tracks as good as this one.

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