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TRACK – Philippe Laurent: Improvisation 01

by François Zappa

During this long lockdown, some of us only achieved two things: to get fatter and to spend a countless number of hours complaining about the Government on Internet forums. But that’s not the case of Philippe Laurent, also know as Hot-Bip and one of our favourite artists at El Garaje. He has used this time at home to record a long improvised track that you can buy and listen here. If you want to know a bit more about the artist, you can read our interview with the French electronic music pioneer while you listen to the song to understand a bit better from where this music is coming. 

Improvisation 01 are twenty relaxing minutes recorded with a Hagstrom guitar, an Element XP Digitech pedal, the SE-50 Boss, A3 Korg and SX-700 Boss effect processors, and Elottronix XL by Elogoxa, the plug-in that emulates Robert Fripp’s Frippertronics. This improvised track starts with a lot of effects creating a background for the guitar, which guides us in an elegant way along this long tune, until reaching the last five minutes of sublime ambient. Recommended for fans of the more ambient production of Robert Fripp, Heldon or even The Durutti Column. In these days of this eternal lockdown, the only thing we can hope is having Improvisation 02 in a near future.

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Christophe Guy Tixier 10 September 2020 - 10 h 24 min



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