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The Wake – Perfumes and Fripperies 

by Rémi

Goth rock lovers were waiting for it with eagerness. The new The Wave album, Perfumes and Fripperies, has been finally released after 25 years since their last work. Formed in the second half of the eighties in Colombus, Ohio, the band is considered by critics as part of the second wave of Goth rock. They have appeared in a large number of compilations, toured with bands such as Skinny Puppy or Nine Inch Nails, but also released some singles and a couple of albums. Perfumes and Fripperies has been available since the 30th of October in physical and digital format.

The Wake’s sonic universe is already stunning from the first track and really homogenous during all the LP. The drumming is mainly plain but powerful. Bass lines, sometimes very melodic, are huge and guitars create a psychedelic wall embellished by counterpoints that are underlined by a grave and sensual voice. The whole is surrounded by a giant halo of reverb that envelops the listener in the dark spheres of Goth Rock whether he is a devotee or an amateur.

Fans of bands such as Sisters of Mercy, Psychedelic Furs or even The Cure will enjoy the music of The Wake. Perfumes and Fripperies proves that music is not set in time, and nourishes from the past, the present and at the same time opens a door for the future. That’s why, this album is an homage to the musical legacy of The Wake and their evolution after the eighties.

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