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STREAMING – Painted Romans

by François Zappa

Our colleagues from Barcelona Alternative Nights are broadcasting this Friday a streaming concert of Painted Romans and an interview with the band. Mats Davidsen’s post-punk project had an important place in our 2020 best of the year list thanks to their EP Heart. This week, there is a new Bandcamp Friday so it’s a good opportunity to get Painted Romans’ albums before watching their concert. As they are going to tell us everything about the band, we are skipping this time the biographical part of the post. The streaming will be at 9 p.m. if you live in the UK, and Portugal, one hour later in Central Europe, and all the info can be found here.

To describe Barcelona Alternative Nights, let’s use their own words:”We are not a radio station as such, this is a space online for Alternative music.” Podcast or radio station, labels don’t matter. The only thing that we know for sure is that they love music and have a great taste as they demonstrate with their daily recommendations. On the 3rd of April, they will be back with another concert and interview, this time with coldwave band Oiseau de Proie. Highly recommended. 

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