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SPLIT – Dear Deer/:embers:

by François Zappa

A couple of tracks from the upcoming split of French band Dear Deer and Belgian duo :embers: are already available. Only 200 copies are going to be released of this 12″ transparent vinyl edition with silkscreen artwork. It will be available on the 2nd of January, but you can already preorder it. Good music for a year that we hope will be better than this one.

The split will contain four songs on each side. Dear Deer’s side opens with “JJR”, one of the songs that we could listen to at the Liège New Wave Festival and that can also be found in a live version on the album. We can play in a living room. Another track that we knew thanks to its live version is “Life in rewind”, that together with the unreleased “Cosmopolitan” and “Luminaries” complete one of the sides of the vinyl.

The other side presents unclassifiable Belgian duo :embers: with three original songs and a remix of Dear Deer’s “Claudine in Berlin”. If you don’t know this project, we can tell you that they have released a couple of EPs, the oldest of them from 2011, entitled LICHTZWART, and a few more tracks that you can find in the band’s Soundcloud.

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