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SONGS – J. Siemens & FDK – This Eternal Decay – Alia Synesthesia – Vazum

by François Zappa

Today we want to bring some tracks that have lately caught our attention lately. The selection is, as usual, quite eclectic, but always inside the dark spectrum of music.

We want to start this selection with the last work from J.Siemens & FDK: “Somos la Paranoia” is the first single of an upcoming supersonic EP. We talked not long ago about J. Siemens as he was one of the remixers of Fakeba’s last EP. He is a musician with a very long career linked to punk, but this year, with the aid of some synths, he has moved to electronic music and recorded some powerful singles and an EP. Also connected with punk in his beginnings, Fan Dl Kaox is the singer of EBM and synth pop pioneers Flash Zero and, as it’s quite difficult to resume his career in a few lines, we encourage you to read the interview with him we did a few years ago. The result of this collaboration is an impressive electronic track about these conspirational times.

We are easy people at the Garaje: if you give us a darkwave track with classic sound, a good melody and a voice that reminds us of And One’s Steve Naghavi, we are going to love it. And that’s what Italian band This Eternal Decay are doing with “Leave,” a song from a Maxi single where we can find this track and three remixes. The band from Rome has recorded two other albums full of inspired songs like this one, their last single. 

From Toronto comes multi-instrumentalist artist Alia Synesthesia, who started her career under the name of Subterranea and recorded her first works with that moniker. She has also been a member of classic band Attrition and now, with this new alias, she has created a composition that can sound like a mixture between Nine Inch Nails and Björk. In “Stop Go” we can appreciate her mezzo-soprano voice and her ability to get very original sound from her synths.

Detroit Deathgaze duo Vazum are releasing their new album, entitled V+, this year and according to the first singles, it looks quite interesting. The first song released was this “Haunted House” that we bring you today, but they have also released a new one called “The Familiar.” The band formed in 2017 has already recorded six albums in which they played a lot of different styles, from post-punk to doom, until the arrival of singer Emily Sturm who took the band in this new direction in which they mix deathrock and shoegaze.

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