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SINGLE – The Sea At Midnight: We Share the Same Stars

by François Zappa

A few months ago, we wrote about the first singles of The Sea At Midnight and now it’s time to write a few more lines about the latest singles/songs released: We Share The Same Stars and Edge of the World, both with Chris King doing the production and mixing and Brandon Pierce adding some additional drum programming. “We Share The Same Stars” is a joyful song, with an 80s vibe that will shed some light in these dark times. To know how it sounds, you just need to check the video below or visit the artist’s Bandcamp.

A few months ago, in May, The Sea At Midnight released “Edge of the World”, their fourth single: a dreamy composition that, according to me, is the best song written so far by Vince Grant. A truly wonderful track, that I don’t get tired of listening to, where everything seems to fit perfectly and manages to transmit that sense of inner euphoria that the 80s music made us felt and that somehow died with the following decade. Please listen to it.

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