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SINGLE -The Sea At Midnight: Afterglow

by François Zappa

This situation that we are living has left us without most of our illusions, without most of the things that used to make our days special. The long and boring hours at the office were a bit less hard when we could dream of future festivals and trips. But now, at least in Spain, it’s very difficult to go to a concert or to travel, so we have to look for different ways of escaping boredom. This year, one of the things that have made our life happier it’s the (almost) monthly song that The Sea At Midnight has been releasing. If you still don’t know Vince Grant’s project, we suggest you start with “Edge of the World”, fourth single of The Sea At Midnight and one of our favorite tracks of the year. And later, please continue with this “Afterglow” that has been released in September.

Chris King has been in charge of the production and mixing and Brandon Pierce has contributed with additional drum programming again. But this time, Paige Emery has made a video for the song, which you can find below the text. “Afterglow” is Vince Grant’s love letter to sunsets, full of the romanticism and melancholy that now are trademarks of The Sea At Midnight. A bit more post-punk than previous releases, this is the sixth song of a total of eight that will on featured on the project’s first album, due for Autumn. 

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