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SINGLE – The Funhouse Collective: Twilight Zone

by François Zappa

The new project of Johnathan Mooney, member of darkwave duo Johnathan|Christian is called The Funhouse Collective and has been founded with the intention of being a collaboration with other musicians to make songs and sounds and media for film and TV. In this occasion, we have Adrian Auchrome from Machinery of Desire collaborating in this first single, a cover of Dutch rock band Golden Earring titled “Twilight Zone”. This band became famous thanks to their hit “Radar Love”, a song that I listened to for the first time in a cover of the hair metal band White Lion. The digital single that also includes two remixes can be listened to and bought here.

Adrian Auchrome says that he grew up listening to this classic composition of the Dutch band and that the events of the past months have given relevance to the composition. If Golden Earring instead of listening to Rolling Stones and The Who, they had been fans of The Sisters of Mercy or The Mission (something impossible because they started in the 60s) the result would be quite similar to the one achieved by The Funhouse Collective. The song keeps the energy of the original (it has always been considered a good track to listen to while driving) and a very Goth and cinematic introduction has been added. We also want to point out the killer guitar solo, even better than the original. We are really looking forward to listening to what this new project treats us in the future.

Both remixes are focussed on the dance floor, especially the “2:00 AM Mix” one that we would love to listen to in one of the dark clubs we love so much.

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Johnathan Mooney 2 August 2020 - 5 h 04 min

Thanks so much for the kind words. All the best!

Johnathan Mooney 2 August 2020 - 5 h 07 min

PS- Johnathan|Christian is still very active!

Cheers again

François Zappa 2 August 2020 - 18 h 20 min

Hello Johnathan, I have corrected it. Cheers.


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