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SINGLE – Sea Lungs: Sea Lungs Pt​.​1

by François Zappa

We have been trying to reveal the many faces of multi-instrumentalist musician Jarrad Robertson, currently located in Melbourne. The first contact we had with his music was when we reviewed one EP of his former band Pigs of the Roman Empire, and not long ago we wrote a few lines about another of this project, the “acoustic punk” duo Snakes of Neptune. Now, he has recorded this single with some friends from bands he likes and asked them to help him. These friends are Andi Lennon (voice), Michael Johnson (bass) Dase Beard (guitar), while Jarrad is in charge of the drums and also plays guitar.

Sea Lungs Pt.1 brings us two post-punk/deathrock tracks. The first one, “Eel Pie” manages to transmit a sense of danger thanks to some sharp guitars and a seducing voice. The second one, “Governors Ball” is pure deathrock, a perfect track to sing along, raising your fist as you caress your knife with the other hand. Now, we want a Pt.2

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