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SINGLE – Paranormales: Vértigo

by François Zappa

Post-punk band Paranormales has released a new single titled “Vértigo,” preview of a new album that will be released later this year with Cleopatra Records. The Barcelona-Based quartet published their first album, titled Belona in 2017, a year after they came together and in 2019, they released the remix Juno. This year, it’s the turn of Contra, their new work, that will be produced again by Maurizio Baggio, producer famous for working with Holygram and The Soft Moon.

“Vértigo” is a very powerful track, with a light Lebanon Hanover’s touch and an incredible chorus full of distortion and close to shoegaze. Although Ana Ruiz repeats “I remember nothing,” this is a song that we will hardly forget. 

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