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SINGLE – Painted Romans: The Cold Delight

by François Zappa

After the fantastic Heart, released last year (one of our best albums of 2020 according to El Garaje), Painted Romans are back with a new single, entitled The Cold Delight. Some of you already know Painted Romans, the project of Norwegian musician Mats Davidsen, who has worked again with two former members of his previous band, Wallpaper Silhouettes: Jan Ottar Nystad (synths and guitar), and Thomas Sejnæs (bass) in this new single.

In this new song, Painted Romans approach Goth Rock territory, and Mats deep voice wears an elegant black dress. The music of this new single is as dark as the cover, marked by the overwhelming sound of the drum machine and some abrasive guitars that have gained prominence. Is this the new sound of Painted Romans or just another side of the band? Either way, we are looking forward to listening to new music from the band.

As we already said the first time we wrote about the band, Mats started his musical career with Wallpaper Silhouettes, formed in 1993. Under the moniker of Painted Romans, he published a first album in 2008, Evil Wigs and Bedroom Moments and, so far, he has released a large number of singles and EPs. A good introduction to the band is the long-named compilation Dirt Wages​/​Slight Hipness. Wholesome Moments from Painted Romans and Beyond (1999​-​2017). In the Bandcamp of Painted Romans, it’s also possible to listen to the two albums published by Wallpaper Silhouettes, the first one in 2004.

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