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SINGLE – Klammer/The White Ribbons

by François Zappa

Klammer, the post-punk/dark pop band from Leeds, is going to release a Split shared with The White Ribbons in tribute to the great Pete Shelley. This 7″ tribute was announced on the last 2nd of October and just with only the pre-orders the first clear vinyl edition was sold out. So, a second black vinyl released is planned for the 4th of December. The song chosen by Klammer is “I Don’t Know What It Is”, that was part of the second Pete Shelley’s solo album, entitled Homosapien and released in 1982. On the other side, The White Ribbons cover Buzzcocks’ “You Say You Don’t Love Me”. Both tracks will be part of the tribute album Yesterday’s Not Here that will contain covers of songs by the ex-Buzzcocks. The album will be available around Christmas and all proceeds will be going to a memorial fund to honour Pete’s life and work, set up in his home town of Leigh.

We have already written about Klammer in the past: first, we reviewed the band’s cover of the classic “Being Boiled” by The Human League, and also because Steve Whitfield, one of the members, is also a half of Scenius, a duo that will appear again in El Garaje in the next months. The band from Leeds debuted in 2013 with Auslane, that was followed three years later by an eponymous album and in 2018 by “You have been processed”. 

But let’s have a look at the songs: Klammer’s cover is, definitely, more post-punk (don’t forget that the original was written in the eighties and has a production of the time). Instead The White Ribbons’ cover is slightly more new wave than the original and counts with singer with a voice similar to Bowie’s. A beautiful tribute to a musician that has been so important for us.

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