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SINGLE – Black Needle Noise: What a wonderful world

by François Zappa

A few days ago, partly joking, I reduced all the musical contribution of jazz legend Louis Armstrong to “What a Wonderful World”, eternal song that honestly I can’t be less related to. And just after this, I saw that Black Needle Noise, John Fryer’s project has made a new cover featuring Tom Berger. Well, I should listen to it.

With John Fryer involved there was nothing to fear, it’s true. The song is as spectral as the cover of the single and the excessive optimism of the original sounds here dark and frightening. Also, we can’t forget the add the wall created by Fryer that completes a perfect track, in my opinion, way better than the original.

This is the second single from the new BNN album, which contains eleven covers and has just been released by Cleopatra Records. Next week, if nothing bad happens, we will post our review of the album. We would like to remind you that the previous single, She Talks To Angels, featured Anjela Piccard, singing the popular Black Crowes song.

Interview: Fakeba and John Fryer - El Garaje de Frank

The music of John Fryer and Fakeba mixes the tradition of the black continent, the most up-to-day electronic and the sound of guitars that made a full generation dream. All these elements create something new and wonderful called Jotna, which will be published on the 14th of February.

We have already written about Black Needle Noise when we interviewed John Fryer before his Spanish concert with Fakeba. He is the producer of some of our favourite albums, as he has worked with projects and bands like Duet Emmo or Cocteau Twins, without forgetting SwansClan of Xymox or Dead Can Dance. And he was also part of This Mortal Coil!

Instead, Tom Berger is the singer and guitar player of Jonny Tupolev, and previously he was in Sundealers, one of the bands signed by Something to Listen to, John Fryer’s label. Without any doubt the perfect choice for this cover.

The single and the full album can be found at the artist Bandcamp. Also it’s possible to pre-order Before the Tears Came, Black Needle Noise’s first album that it’s finally going to be released on CD. To finish, we just want to add that the video of the track has been directed by Christoph Vitt.

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