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Signal Aout 42 – Ex+Voto

by François Zappa

The legendary project of Jacky Meurisse, Signal Aout 42 is back with their eighth album, titled Ex+Voto and that, like their previous work Insurrecion has been published by Out of Line. Signal Aout 42 are especially famous in Spain since some of their tracks are great classics of the late 80s Valencian clubbing scene and songs like “Submarine Dance” were played a lot in clubs like Spook or Barraca. Since their first Pro Patria album from 1989, they have been periodically releasing new albums, such as Contrast (the album of “Dead is Calling”), Conviction, Vae Victis or Inspiration. Now, only three years after Insurrection they release this new album of twelve tracks, some of them already known by our readers as they appeared as singles. Undoubtedly, it is most important release of the (past) year for EBM fans. It has been released on double vinyl, digital and CD.

Ex+Voto will please EBM fans as it presents a sound that is classic but original and elaborated enough to capture interest. The album begins with the solemn and profound “Memories”, an ode to someone gone. The album rises in intensity with “Flagellation”, a catchy track with a quite interesting synth sound. “Man Woman” is a very powerful track, which would have been at hit in the Valencia of the early nineties with that a cappella beginning that the audience would have sung in ecstasy until the entrance of the penetrating and sharp synthesizers. It is the catchiest and most party-like track on the album. “From A To B” follows in the same vibe and is a killer track, with hooks and interesting metallic percussion. “Let Drop Your Mask” has classic nineties sounds and the aggression you expect in good EBM. “Shut up” has a haunting sound from the keyboards and a menacing performance from Jacky. “Haunted Souls” has an aggressive, vintage sound and is one of the best tracks of the album. From “We have to Believe” I highlight the amazing production. “Lucky Star (Ex+Voto)” is another of the peaks of the album, with a nice keyboard melody and classic EBM vocals. The synthesizers of “We Walk like Zombies” will stick in your brain, with its penetrating and sharp sound. The albums finishes with “In your face”, a direct track as you can guess from the title.

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