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Shadoworld – Desertland

by Violeta

Just a glance at the dusty city album cover where we expect a duel between two cowboys, is enough to make you understand what to expect when listening to Desertland (2019), Italian duo Shadoworld’s latest album featuring Roberto Del Vecchio and Old Boy.

The duo perfectly mixes dark folk western style and electronic music throughout the album. Omnipresent, the guitar will take you to these dusty and windy lands, at times with voluptuous arpeggios, at other times with rhythmic chords. Long and sad notes played by the harmonica are also present which increase the emotions conveyed by Roberto Del Vecchio’s deep and hoarse voice, reminiscent of Mark Lanegan’s in many ways. As for the synths, they make the tracks somewhat darker but are also more energetic as they mix electronic elements.

With this album, Del Vecchio and Old Boy have skilfully managed to create an atmosphere that is both heavy and intimate. Rain, wind and thunderstorm sounds reinforce this feeling and will plunge you into the heart of a western, but a western the way I like them. Impossible for you to get bored, the tracks are widely varied. Some of them are worth mentioning such as “A Place Called Home”, beautifully performed, “Eilidh”, with its stunning introduction, or “No More Faith”, where you can hear strong influences from Nick Cave. There’s nothing like this to let oneself go contemplating the beauty of a campfire and make me want to see The Wild Bunch again.

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