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Scenius – I Want More

by François Zappa

The duo Scenius, formed by Steve Whitfiled and Fab Nau is back with a cover of the krautrock band Can. “I Want More”, appeared on Flow Motion, the Germans’ most danceable album till date, released in 1976 when the recently deceased Damo Suzuki was no longer in the lineup. They left behind a whole series of masterpieces of the most experimental rock like Soundtracks, Ege Bamyasi or Tago Mago but this less difficult material has also proved to be quite influential, as we see in this version of Scenius. “I Want You”, had a futuristic, robotic vibe that was quite modern for the time and brought the Germans closer to the dancefloor. Scenius manage to take the song to their territory giving it a warmer air both to the voice and to the melody and enhancing the catchy aspects of the song. Versions like this are really worth it.

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